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What started out as limited meeting in separate, individual Social Media Groups, has now evolved into a movement to unite Upcycler & Refashioner Artists as a collective via


Participation in these groups– like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest– is often inspired by different motivations from simply wanting to show off a new creation, meeting like-minded others, growing a social media following through links, or driving traffic to ecommerce sites like Etsy.


Regardless of motivation– UpcycleMode is now providing a platform to not only connect Upcyclers & Refashioners, but also give others an insight and maybe some inspiration into what Upcycling & Refashioning is all about.


Here, Artist is defined as ANYONE who creates, regardless of skill level.


It takes imagination and focus (& guts!) to turn a cast-off into something new, contemporary/vintage, stylish or functional.


You too can be an Artist today! All you need is a building block (textile or hardware), simple tools like scissors, and glue or thread, and your imagination!


I hope you enjoy meeting these Upcylcers & Refashioners as much as I have!

— Eva Winger

Blogger, Upcycler & Stylist

UpcycleMode is the first website to organize Upcyclers & Refashioners by country and style of creation.

Not only are the artists listed, but you can also read about each artist and visit their social and/or e-commerce links.

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profile pix jennifer freeman.png

Jennifer Freeman

Lufkin, Texas

Life Is Grand

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Shabby Chic, Magnolia Pearl-esque, Hippie, Boho, Gothic, Punk, Fairy, Renaissance, 90’s Grunge


Macaira O’Connell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Gab's Gal

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Revitalized Vintage, Contemporary, Painted Denim


Rebecca Jones

Indianapolis, Indiana

The Fibre Artist

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Fiber Arts, Dye Works


Sheila Alexander

Shenandoah Valley, VA

Haven Cottage Crafts

Style: Textiles, Wearables

OOAK Barbie Outfits, Purses, Vintage, Classic, Eclectic


Jennie De Vries


The Ugly Dame

Style: Textiles, Wearables

1940's Vintage Style, dresses, blouses, trousers & accessories


Karen Etters

Chicago Suburbs, Illinois

Speckled Sparrows, LLC

Style: Non-Textiles, Jewelry

Leather & Metal Cuff Bracelets, Boho, Rock, Gothic, Punk, Western, Cowgirl, Vintage, Biker Chic


Whyska Nunez

Brooklyn, New York


Style: Textiles, Wearables

Jackets, Reversible Jackets, Furry Sweaters, Dresses, Kimono Top, Patchwork Skirt, Crochet Dresses. Chic,Trendy, Vintage, elegant & Sexy.


Londa Rohlfing

Jackson, Tennessee

Londas Sewing

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Stylish, Current, Tops, Jackets, Skirts, Dresses


Laura Gibbons


Green Circle Textiles

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Dresses, Romantic, Contemporary, Romper, Hair Scrunchies, Blouses, Mending (Socks)


Terry Lloyd

Swindon, Wiltshire

Green Circle Textiles

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Blouses, Colour, Coordinates, Casual, Classy

Style: Non-Textile, Garden Art


Laura Baron

Preston, Lancashire

Forget Me Not


Style: Textiles, Wearables

Blouses, Contemporary

Green Circle Textiles




Stephanie Tries

Ottawa, Ontario

What's Sewing On

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Vintage, Romantic, Boho, Fairy Tale, Historic, Regency, Queen's Gambit, Contemporary


Olga O’Shea

Vancouver, British Columbia


Style: Textiles, Wearables & Decorative

Knitting, Hand Sewing, Crochet, Yarn Bombing, Yarn Embroidery, Upcycle Clothing, Hats/Scarves, Purses/Totes, Rugs, Decorative

United Kingdom



Nicola Vincent

Exmouth, Devon,

The Mad Sheep Co.

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Contemporary, Dresses, Skirts, Bags, Totes, "Men's Shirt" Upcycle


Amanda Barnard

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Style: Textiles, Wearables

Denim & Fabric Jacket Art, Applique, Hippie/Boho, Marvel Characters, Comic-Strip Revival


Olesya Lane

UK, Northamptonshire

Slow Fashion Bus

Style: Textiles, Wearables

Boho, Edgey, Sweater Seaming, Knits, Sweater Upcycling, Jersey Fabrics, Children's, Boy's Clothing


Sam Everton

West Sussex

Sam's Crafty Designs

Style: Textiles & Non-Textiles, Wearables & Decor

Vintage Quilted Baubles, Christmas Decorations, Home Decor, Vintage Refashion



Velga Krukovska

Rezekne, Latvia


Style: Textiles, Wearable

Modern, Contemporary, Linear, Minimalism, Sweater Seaming, Knits, Sweater Upcycling, Clothing Upcycling


Monica Dutu

Bucharest, Romania


Style: Textiles, Wearable

Contemporary, Casual, Comfortable, Children's Clothing, Children's Costumes, Baby Clothing

45 Karoline-dahrling-hughes-syværksted.p

Karoline Dahrling Hughes

Hjoerring, Denmark


Style: Textiles, Wearable

Colorful, Simple, Contemporary, Dresses, Pattern Mixing

Australia & New Zealand




New South Wales, South Coast

Rethread The Earth

Style: Textiles, Wearable

Denim, Totes, Purses, Bags, Hippie, Boho, Applique, Mixed Textile


Gillian Ajayi

Perth, Western Australia

Recycled Reticules

Style: Textiles, Wearable

Handbags, Backpacks, Wallet, Dolls & Cats,Eclectic, Colorful, Denim, Wool Suits, Wool Jumpers

New Zealand


Shirley Gillespie

Taruanga, New Zealand


Style: Textiles, Wearable

Children’s Clothing, Denim, Ruffles & Lace, Applique, Patchwork, Comic & Marvel Revival


Middle East


IMG_20200814_134316 (1).png

Sharon Prigan



Style: Textiles, Wearable & Decorative

Boho, Patchwork, Natural/Earthy, Textile Arts, Fabric Buttons, Art Fashion, Embellishment, Scarves, Quilted Arts


South East Asia


Yael Calderon


Fairy Cut

Style: Textiles, Wearable & Decorative

Womens's Movement/Festival Clothing, Rave, Edgy, Boho, Hippie. Fairy, tops, leggings, swimsuits, bodysuits, dresses

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